Logista Italia is the main distributor of tobacco products to over 55,000 points of sales in Italy.

Thanks to its efficiency, neutrality and operational autonomy it enjoys the trust of the main tobacco producers.

This trust, which is continually renewed and extended, comes after decades of work and a quality offering based on a thorough knowledge of the tobacco industry.

The company provides manufacturers and points of sales with the most comprehensive and specialised service in the industry, ensuring that products can be fully tracked along the entire distribution chain.

Its state-of-the-art information systems enable points of sales to find out their sales and stock figures in real time, allowing them to manage their business better.

Logista extends its services to the entire distribution value chain, including the collection and transport of products from factories, the planning and supply of merchandise, the management of orders and stocks, consolidation, packaging, distribution, invoicing and after-sales services.

Similarly, Logista offers points of sales the largest and most complete distribution service, with access to the top branded products and offers a choice between several alternatives for ordering (Point-of-Sale Terminal, web portal, fax) and delivery (guaranteed delivery, collection from “cash & carry” warehouses).

Points of sales can, at any time, via the Point-of-Sale Terminal or the web portal, place orders, obtain up-to-date and complete information on orders, prices, product availability, etc., and access a wide range of complementary products and services that improve point-of-sale profitability.