Logista Value Chain

Logista provides the most extensive value chain in the market, facilitating route for products to consumer through a single supplier all in a transparent and efficient manner, ensuring full control across the whole the chain.

Through Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, Internet, cash & carry, telephone...

Customized safety stock management. Adaptability to different types of products. Availability of tax and bonded warehouses. Temperature-controlled storage.

Consolidation of orders from several suppliers with single delivery. Customized labelling and packaging. Automated classification of shipments.

Integrated temperature-controlled transport and distribution. Design and management of computerised open routes. Fleet control and monitoring.

Collections via cash on delivery, credit card, bank transfer, direct debit… Administrative support. Up-to-date maintenance of applications and price information.

POS terminals and applications for point of sale management. Real time information on orders. Incidents and returns management.